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Abortifacient        An agent that induces abortion

Abscess                        A localised collection of pus caused by suppuration in a tissue

Absorbent                     Any agent which attracts and sucks up gases or secretions from a wound.

Acne                              An inflammatory disease occurring in or around the sebaceous glands

Acrid                             Biting, pungent

Agalactia                      Absence or failure of secretion of milk

Ague                             Malaria

Albuminuria                  The presence of serum albumin and serum globulin in the urine

Alexipharmic                Antidote to poison

Alexiteric                      Protective to infectious diseases

Alopecia                        Loss of hair-a malady in which the hair falls from one or more circumscribed round or oval areas, leaving the skin smooth and white.

Alterative                     Causing a favorable change in the disordered functions of the body or metabolism

Amenorrhoea               Failure of menstruation

Amentia                        An arrest of the development of the mind from birth to early age.

Anaemia                       Lack of enough blood in the body causing paleness

Analeptic                      Having a restorative or stimulating effect, as on the central nervous system

Analgesic                      Relieving pain

Anaphrodisiac              Having the power to lessen or inhibit sexual feeling

Anasarca                      Diffused dropsy in the skin and subcutaneous tissue

Anaesthetic                  Inducing loss of feeling or  consciousness

Anodyne                       A medicine that allays pain

Anorectic                      Lacking appetite

Anorexia                       A condition of having lost the appetite for food

Anthelmintic                 Destroying or expelling worms

Antiasthmatic               Relieving asthma

Antibiotic                      Killing disease causing microorganisms

Anticoagulant               Inhibiting the clotting of blood

Antidiarrheal                Preventing or controlling diarrhea

Antidote                        An agent  which neutralizes or opposes the action of a poison

Antidote                        Substance that counteracts the effects of a poison

Antidyspeptic               Relieving dyspepsia or indigestion

Antiemetic                    Stopping emesis or vomiting

Antihemorrhagic          Controlling bleeding

Antihypertensive          Reducing high blood pressure

Antiinflammatory         Controlling inflammation

Antilithich                     An agent which prevents the formation of calculi or promotes their dilution

Antiperiodic                  Preventing the regular recurrence of a disease

Antiphlogistic               Acting against heat or inflammation

Antipruritic                   Preventing or relieving itching

Antipyretic                    Counteracting fever

Antirachitic                   Preventing or curing rickets

Antirheumatic               A condition that causes inflammation and pain in the joints and muscles

Antiscorbutic                Acting against scurvy

antiscrofulous               Treating scrofula or tubercular swellings of the lymph glands

Antiseptic                     A chemical sterilising substance to kill or control pathogenic microbes

Antispsmodic                Opposing spasms or convulsions 

Antitussive                   Controlling or preventing cough

Antiuric                         Counteracting excessive acidity in the urine

Anuria                           Complete cessation of the secretion  and excretion of urine

Aperient                        A laxative or mild cathartic

Aphrodisiac                  A drug which stimulates sexual desire

Aphthae                        Ulcer on the surface of a mucous membrane

Apoplexy                      A sudden loss of consciousness

Arthralgia                     Pain in joint

Arthritis                        Inflammation of a joint

Ascites                          Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity

Asphyxia                       Inability to breath

Astringent                     Causing soft tissues or drawing together

Atrophy                         Wasting of a tissue or organ

Balanitis                       A condition of inflammation of the penis or of the clitoris

Bechic                           Anything which relieves or cures cough

Beriberi                        A deficiency disease caused by imbalance of carbohydrate and vitamin B

Blennorrhagia              Free discharge of mucus

Brachycardiac              Making the heart beat slower

Bronchopathy               Any disease of the bronchi

Bubo                             An inflammatory swelling of a lymph gland

Cachexia                       Depressed habit of mind

Calculus                        A concretion formed in any part of the body usually compounds of salts of organic or inorganic acids

Calefacient                   A remedy which gives rise to a sensation of warmth

Calibration                    Demonstrating that a measuring device produces  results within the specified limits of those produce by a reference standard device over an appropriate rang of measurements

Calmative                     Sedative

Carbuncle                     An infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue by Staphylococcus aureus

Carcinogenic                Causing cancer

Carcinoma                    A malignant epithelial tumour eventually becoming fatal

Cardiac                         Relating to the heart

Cardiac depressant      Slowing the action of the heart

Cardiodynia                  Pain in the region of the heart

Cardiokinetic                Regulating or strengthening the heartbeat

Cardiopalmus               Palpitation of the heart

Cardiopathy                  A morbid condition of the heart

Cardiotonic          Keeping the heart functioning normally

Carminative                  Drug causing the release of stomach or intestinal gas

Cataplexy                     A condition marked by abrupt attacks of muscular weakness

Cataract                        Opacity in the crystalline lens of the eye which may be partial or complete

Catarrh                         A condition in which the mucous membranes of the nose and breathing passages are inflamed, often chronically

Cathartic                       Having the power of cleaning the bowels-purgative

Cephalalgia                  Headache

Cephalic                        A remedy for disorders of the head

Cephalopathy               Any disease of the head

Cerebropathy               Any disorder of the brain

Cholagogue                  A drug which causes increased flow of bile into the intestine

Cholera                         A severe infectious epidemic disease due to Vibrio cholerae

Cicatrizing                    Promoting the growth

Cirrhosis           Progressive fibrous tissue overgrowth in an organ

Colic                              A severe spasmodic griping pain

Colitis                           Inflammation of the colon

Collyrium                      An eye-salve or eye-wash

Colonalgia                    Pain in the colon

Colonitis                       Inflammation of the colon

Colonorrhagia              Hemorrhage from the colon

Colpitis                         Inflammation of the vagina

Colpoptosis                   Prolapse of the vagina

Colporrhagia                Hemorrhage from the vagina

Coma                            The state of complete loss of consciousness

Conjunctivitis               Inflammation of the conjunctiva

Consumption                Pulmonary tuberculosis

Contraceptive               Any agent or device used to prevent conception

Contusion                     An injury to tissue that does not break the skin

Convulsion                    A violent involuntary contraction of the skeletal musculature

Corn                              A small circumscribed painful horny growth

Counterirritant             An agent that causes local inflammation of an area

Coxalgia                       Pain in the hip

Coxitis                          Inflammation of the hip joint

Croup                            Any condition caused by respiratory obstruction

Cystalgia                      Pain in the urinary bladder

Cystitis                         Inflammation of a bladder, especially the urinary bladder

Cystodynia                   Pain in the urinary bladder

Cystorrhea                   Mucous discharge from the bladder

Dandruff                       Dead scarf-skin separating in small flakes

Decongestant               Relieving congestion, as of the mucous membrane

Demulcent                    Soothing

Dental caries                Decay of teeth

Dentalgia                      Toothache

Dentifrice                     Any liquid, paste or powder used for cleansing the teeth.

Deobstruent                 Relieving or removing obstruction

Deodorant                    Removing the odour

Depurative                   An agent that purifies blood

Dermatitis                    Irritation or inflammation of the skin

Dermatopathy              Any skin disorder

Dermatophytosis          A superficial infection of the skin caused by a fungus

Desiccating                   Depriving of moisture

Diaphoresis                  Sweating

Diaphoretic                   A drug which induces perspiration

Digestive                      Improving digestion

Diphtheria                    A specific infectious disease caused by virulent strains of a Bacillus

Discutient                     Removing tumours

Disinfectant                  Having a lethal effect upon germs

Diuretic                         Promoting the flow of urine

Dizziness                       Sensation of imbalance of a stable relationship with the immediate environment

Dropsy                          An excessive accumulation of clear or watery fluid in any of the tissues or cavities of the body

Drug                    An agent that is used therapeutically to treat diseases. It may also be defined as any chemical agent and/or biological product or natural product that affects living processes

Drug product                A finished dosage form, for eg., a tablet, capsule or solution that contains a drug substance

Drug substance            An active ingredient that is intended to furnish pharmacological activity or other direct effect in diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of diseases or to effect the structure or any function of  the human body

Dysmenorrhoea           Difficult or painful menstruation

Dysopia                        Defective vision

Dyspepsia                     Indigestion

Dysphonia                    Difficulty or pain in speaking

Dyspnoea                     Difficulty in breathing

Dystocia                       Difficult parturition

Dysuria                         Difficulty or pain while passing urine

Ecbolic                          Tending to increase contractions of the uterus and thus facilitate childbirth

Eclampsia                     An attack of convulsion associated with hypertension in pregnancy

Eczema                         A noncontagious inflammatory disease of the skin with much itching and burning

Edema                           Fluid retention by the body causing swelling and discomfort

Elephantiasis                Gross lymphatic edema of the limbs leading to hypertrophy

Elixir                             A drug capable of prolonging life indefinitely

Embrocate                    To moisten and rub

Emetic                           Causing vomiting

Emmenagogue              Medicine intended to restore the mensus

Emollient                      Softening

Emphysema                  A pathologic accumulation of air in tissues or organs

Empyema                      Accumulation of pus in a body cavity

Encephalitis                  Inflammation of the brain and spinal cord due to infection

Encephalopathy            Any degenerative brain disease

Enuresis                        Involuntary voiding of urine

Epilepsy                        An affection of the nervous system resulting from excessive or disordered discharge of cerebral neurons

Epistaxis                       Bleeding from the nose

Errhine                          An agent causing increased nasal discharge

Erysipelas                     An inflammatory disease generally affecting the face marked by a bright redness of the skin

Escharotic                     A caustic substance that creates a mass of dead cells or scab

Euphoriant                    Producing a sense of bodily comfort and well-being and the absence of pain or distress

Expectorant                  Aiding the secretion of the mucous membrane of the air passages and the removal of fluid by spitting

Extract                          A concentrate of dried, less volatile aromatic plant part obtained by solvent extraction with a polar solvent

Febrifuge                      Anything which reduces fever

Felon                             A deep infection around the nails of toes or fingers

Filariasis                       Infection with filarial nematode worms

Fistula                           An open channel from the anus or rectum to the skin near the anus

Flatulence                     Presence of excessive gas in the stomach or intestine

Frenzy                           Violent temporary mental derangement

Galactogenic                Promoting the flow of milk

Galactogogue               Medicine that promotes secretion of milk

Galactorrhea                Excessive or spontaneous flow of milk

Gangrene                      Necrosis  and putrefaction of tissue due to lack of blood supply

Gastralgia                     Pain in the stomach

Gastrodynia                  Pain in the stomach

Gastroenteritis             Inflammation of the mucous coat of the stomach and intestine due to bacterial infection

Gastrohelcosis             Ulceration of the stomach

Gastromegaly               Enlargement of the stomach

Gastropathy                 Any disease of the stomach

Germicidal                    Causing destruction of micro-organisms

Gingivitis                      Inflammation of the gingival margins around the teeth accompanied by swelling and bleeding

Glaucoma                     Increased intraocular pressure and its consequences

Gleet                             Chronic discharge of thin mucous from the vagina

Glycosuria                    Excretion of sugar in the urine

Goitre                           Enlargement of the thyroid gland

Gonorrhoea                  An inflammatory disease of the genitourinary passages characterized by pain and discharge

Gout                              A disease of purine metabolism characterized by attacks of arthritis with an associated raised level of serum uric acid

Gripe                             A sharp pain in the stomach

Haematemesis             Vomiting of blood

Haematuria                  The presence of blood in the urine

Haemoptysis                Spitting of blood

Haemorrhoid                A bleeding pile

Haemostatic                 Having the power to arrest bleeding

Halitosis                       Offensive odour of the breath

Hallucinogenic              Producing hallucinations

Heart palpitations        Abnormally rapid and irregular beating of the heart

Helminthiasis               Morbid state due to infestation with worms

Hemagogue                  An agent that promotes the flow of blood

Hematinic                     Stimulating the formation of blood cells and hemoglobin

Hematorrhea                Copious hemorrhage

Hemicrania                   Headache confined to one side

Hemiplegia                   Paralysis of one side of the body

Hemolytic                     Destructive to red blood cells

Hepatalgia                    Pain in the liver

Hepatic                         Having to do with the liver

Hepatitis                       Inflammation of the liver; jaundice

Hepatodynia                 Pain in the liver

Hepatomegaly              Enlargement of the liver

Hepatopathy                 Any disease of the liver

Hepatosis                     Downward displacement of the liver

Hernia                           The protrusion of an internal organ through a defect in the wall of the anatomical cavity in which it lies.

Herpes                          Inflammation of the skin or mucous membrane with clusters of deep seated vesicles

Herpetic                        Treating skin eruptions

Hydragogue                  Promoting expulsion of water or serum

Hydrocele                     A circumscribed collection of fluid in the tunica vaginalis testis

Hydrophobia                 Exaggerated fear of water as in rabies

Hyperdenosis               Proliferation of glandular tissue

Hyperdipsia                  Intense thirst of relatively brief duration

Hyperdiuresis               Excessive secretion of urine

Hyperemesis                Excessive vomiting

Hyperhydrosis              Excessive perspiration

Hyperorexia                 Excessive appetite

Hyperpraxia                 Abnormal activity; restlessness

Hypertension                High  arterial blood pressure

Hypertensive                Tending to rise the blood pressure

Hyperthermia               A very high body temperature

Hypnotic                       Inducing sleep or a state resembling sleep

Hypochonodriasis        A state of mind in which the sufferer is much preoccupied with his health

Hypoglycement            Lowering the level of blood sugar in the body

Hypotension                 A fall in blood pressure below the normal level

Hypotensive                 Tending to lower blood pressure

Hypothermia                Greatly decreased temperature

Hysteria                        A neurotic disorder with varying symptoms

Impetigo                       An inflammation of the skin associated with discrete vesicles due to streptococcal infection

Impotence                     Inability to perform the sexual act due to failure of the reflex mechanism

Infusion                         A hot extract of either a plant part or its exudate with either water or an organic solvent. 

Insanity                         Mental disease of a grave kind

Insecticide                    Any agent which kills or destroys insects

Insomnia                       The condition of being unable to sleep

Installation- qualification       Documented verification  that all key aspects of the installation adhere to the appropriate  codes and approved design intentions and that manufacturers recommendations are duly considered

Intermittent fever        A regularly recurring fever

Intoxication                  General condition which results following the absorption and diffusion in the body of a soluble poison

Irritant                          An agent that causes inflammation

Jaundice                       Yellowing of the skin and other tissues caused by the presence of bile pigments

Kidney stone                Small, hard stone that may form in the kidneys and cause intense pain

Lactation                      The secretion of milk by mammals

Lactifuge                      Retarding or causing cessation of the secretion of milk

Laryngitis                     Inflammation of the larynx

Laxative                       Having the action of loosening the bowel

Lentigo                         A brownish or yellowish spot found on the skin, generally on the hands, arms or face often caused by exposure to sunlight

Lesion                           A wound

Leucoderma                 Any white area on the skin

Leucorrhoea                 An abnormal mucous discharge from the vagina

Leukaemia                   Blood cancer

Liniment                       A liquid or thin paste applied to the skin to work as a pain reliever

Linthontriptic                An agent that effects the dissolution of a calculus

Lithiasis                        The formation of calculus of any kind

Lumbago                       Pain in mid or lower back

Malignant                     Threatening  life or tending to cause death

Mammillitis                  Inflammation of the nipple

Masticatory                  A substance that is chewed to increase the flow of saliva

Melalgia                       Pain in the limbs

Melancholia                 A mental illness in which the predominant symptom is melancholy, depression of spirits, unhappiness and misery

Menolipsis                    Temporary cessation of menstruation

Menorrhagia                Excessive or prolonged menstruation

Menostasis                   Failure of menstruation

Metropathy                  Any uterine disease

Metroptosis                  Prolapse of the uterus

Metrorrhagia               Uterine, bleeding, usually of normal amount occurring at completely irregular intervals, the period of flow sometimes being prolonged

Metrorrhea                  Abnormal uterine discharge

Micturition                   The act of passing urine

Migraine                       A periodic condition with localised headaches, frequently associated with vomiting and sensory disturbances

Morbid                          Relating to disease

Mumps                         Epidemic parotitis, an acute infectious disease caused by a virus

Myalgia                        Muscular pain

Mydriasis                     Dilation of the pupil

Mydriatic                      A drug that dilates the pupil

Myringitis                     Inflation of the tympanic membrane

Narcotic                        A drug that induces sleep

Nasitis                          Inflation of the nose

Nauseant                      An agent that causes nausea

Nepholithiasis              Presence of renal calculi

Nephralgia                    Pain in the kidney

Nephritis                       Inflation of the kidneys

Nephropathy                Disease of the kidneys

Neuralgia                      A painful affection of the nerves due to functional disturbances or neuritis

Neurasthenia                Nervous debility

Notalgia                        Pain in the back

Nyctalopia                    Night blindness

Obesity                         An excessive accumulation of fat in the body

Odontalgia                    Toothache

Odontopathy                 Any disease of the teeth

Oleaginous                   Oily, greasy

Opacity                         An opaque or non-transparent area

Operation-   qualification       documented verification  that the system or sub system performs as intended throughout  all anticipated operating ranges

Ophthalmia                   Referring to conjunctivitis

Ophthalmodynia           Pain in the eye

Ophthalmopathy           Any disease of the eye

Opthalmitis                   Inflation of the eye ball

Orchialgia                     Pain in the testis

Orchiopathy                  Any disorder of the testis

Orchitis                         Inflammation of the testis characterised by hypertrophy and pain

Ostalgia                        Pain in the bones

Osteomalacia               Softening of the bones, resulting from vitamin D deficiency

Otalgia                          Pain in the ear

Otopathy                       Any disease of the ear

Otopyorrhea                 Purulent discharge from the ear

Pancreatitis                  Inflammation of the pancreas

Paraplegia                    Stroke affecting one side

Parkinsonism                Parkinsonís disease characterised by rigidity of muscles and tremor of the hands

partiurient                     Inducing the contractions of labour at childbirth

Pectoral                        Effective in diseases of the chest

Pectoralgia                   Pain in the chest

Performance-qualification     Documented verification of the appropriateness  of critical process parameters, operating ranges and system reproducibility over an appropriate time period

Pertussis                       Whooping cough

Pharyngitis                   Inflammation of the mucous membrane and underlying part of the pharynx

Pharyngodynia             Pain in the pharynx

Pharyngopathy             Any disease of the pharynx

Phythisis                       Any wasting disease in which the whole body or part of the body is involved

Pneumonia                    Inflammation of lung tissue

Pneumonopathy            Any disease of the lungs

Pneumonosis                Any lung disorder

Pneumorrhagia             A severe haemoptysis

Poliomyelitis                 An acute inflammation of the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord due to an enterovirus infection

Poultice                         A soft mush prepared by various substances with oily or watery fluids

Procreant                      The drug which begets

Proctalgia                     Pain in the rectum

Proctoptosis                  Prolapse of the rectum

Prophylactic                  Pertaining to the prevention of the development of a disease

Prurigo                          An eruption of the skin causing severe itching

Pruritus                         Itching

Psoriasis                       A condition characterised by the eruption of circumscribed discrete and confluent reddish, silvery scaled lesions

Psoriasis plantaris        Psoriasis of the sole

Psychopathy                 Any disease of the mind

Ptyalism                        Excessive secretion of saliva

Purgative                      Strong laxative

Pyorrhoea                     A discharge of pus

Pyrexia                         A condition characterised by the presence of pus 

Rachialgia                    Pain in the vertebral column

Radiculalgia                 Neuralgia of the nerve roots

Radiculitis                    Inflammation of spinal nerve roots

Ramitis                         Inflammation of a nerve root

Rectalgia                      Pain in the rectum

Rectitis                         Inflammation of the rectum

Refrigerant                   Cooling

Renal                            Relating to the kidneys

Renal calculi                 Calculi relating to kidney

Renopathy                    Any disease of the kidney

Resolvent                     Causing resolution of a tumour or swelling

Resorptive                    Aiding reabsorption of blood from bruises

Restorative                  Having the power to restore or renew health

Resuscitative               The act of restoring to life

Retinitis                        Inflammation of the retina

Revulsive                     Causing revulsion in drawing away of blood from a pathological area to another area

Rheumarthritis             Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatalgia               Rheumatic pain

Rhinalgia                      Pain in the nose

Rhinitis                         Inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane

Rhinodynia                   Pain in the nose

Rhinopathy                   Any disease of the nose

Rickets                         A disturbance of the calcium/phosphorus metabolism which occurs in the growing child as a result of vitamin D deficiency

Roborant                      A strengthening agent

Rubefacient                  Having the action of counter irritant

Sarcocele                      Fleshy swelling or tumour of the testis

Scabies                         Sarcoptic infestation of the human skin particularly a contagious skin disease caused by invasion of the epidermis

Scald                             The lesion caused by contact with a hot liquid or vapour

Scalding of urine          Severe burning sensation during micturition

Scleritis                         Inflammation of the sclera

Scrofula                        Tuberculous cervical adenitis with or without ulceration

Scurvy                           A deficiency disease due to lack of Vitamin C

Sedative                        Acting on the central nervous system to produce sleep

Sialogogue                    An agent that increases the flow of saliva

Sinovitis                        Inflammation of the synovial membrane of a joint

Sinusitis                        Inflammation affecting the mucal epithelium of a sinus

Somatalgia                    Body pain

Somnifacient                 Causing sleep

Somnolence                  Sleepiness

Soporific                       Inducing sleep

Spanomenorrhea          Scanty menstruation

Spasmolytic                  Helping to relieve cramps and other muscle contractions

Splenalgia                     Pain in the spleen

Splenitis                        Inflammation of the spleen

splenohepatomegaly        Enlargement of spleen and liver

Splenomegaly               Enlargement of the spleen

Splenopathy                  Any disease of the spleen

Stimulant                      Making a body organ active

Stomachalgia                Pain in the stomach

Stomachic                     Aiding the stomach and digestion

Stomatalgia                  Pain in the mouth

Stomatitis                     Generalised inflammation of the oral mucosa

Stomatopathy               Any disorder of the mouth

Stomatorrhagia            Hemorrhage from the mouth

Stupefacient                 Inducing stupor

Styptic                           Having the power to arrest bleeding

Sudorific                       Acting to increase perspiration

Suppurative                  Pus forming

Syphilis                         A contagious venereal disease

Syrup                            A water and sugar solution to which are added flavouring, medicinal, or some other desired  ingredients 

Taeiniacide                   An agent that kills tapeworms

Tetanus                         An infective disease due to the toxins of Clostridium tetani

Thermoplegia               Sun  stroke

Thrombosis                   A blood clot  that may partially or wholly block the flow of blood through a blood vessel

Tincture                        A medication that has its medicinal agent dissolved in alcohol

Tonic                             An agent that is used to give strength to the system

Tonsilitis                       Inflammation of the tonsil

Toxaemia                      The condition of general poisoning caused by the entrance of soluble bacterial toxins into the blood

Tranquilizer                  Drug employed to calm or sedate people or animals

Trauma                         A pathological alteration of the supporting tissues of a tooth due to abnormal occlusion

Trichogenous                Stimulating the growth of hair

Ulemorrhagia               Bleeding from the gums

Ulitis                             Inflammation of the gums

Ulocace                         Ulceration of the gums

Ulorrhagia                    Hemorrhage from the gums

Ulorrhea                       Bleeding from the gums

Unguent                        Ointment

Urelcosis                       Ulceration of the urinary tract

Ureteralgia                   Pain in the ureter

Ureteritis                      Inflammation of the ureter

Urethritis                      Inflammation of the urethra

Urethrorrhagia             Flow of blood from the urethra

Urethrorrhea                Abnormal discharge from the urethra

Urocyst                         The urinary bladder

Urocystitis                    Inflammation of the urinary bladder

Urodynia                       Pain on urination

Urolithiasis                   Urinary calculi

Uro-edema                    Edema due to infiltration of urine

Uropathy                       Any disease of the urinary tract

Urorrhagia                    Excessive secretion of urine

Urorrhea                       Involuntary flow of urine

Uroschesis                    Retention of urine

Urticaria                       Itching, inflamed skin caused by an allergic reaction to a drug, food, or substance in the environment; also called hives  

Uteralgia                       Pain in the uterus

Uterine sedative           An agent that relaxes the muscles of the uterus

Uteritis                          Inflammation of the uterus

Vaginitis                       Inflammation of the vagina

Vaginodynia                 Pain in the vagina

Vaginopathy                 Any disease of the vagina

Validation                     Establishing documented evidence which provides a high degree of assurance that a specific process will consistently produce a product meeting its pre-determinant specifications and quality attributes

Vasoconstrictor            An agent that narrows blood vessel openings, restricting the flow of blood through them

Vasodilator                   An agent that expands blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow through them

Vermifuge                     A drug that expels worms

Verminosis                   Morbid state due to infestation with worms

Vertigo                          Dizziness

Vesical                          Referring to the urinary bladder

Vesicant                        A counter irritant strong enough in some cases to cause blistering

Visceromegaly             Abnormal enlargement of the viscera

Vulnerary                     Soothing or healing wounds and sores

Wart                              A circumscribed cutaneous excrescence

Wash                             Liquid medicinal preparation for external use


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